newadeuxlogoOver time, every business evolves.

When I started à deux in 2008, the process of buying wedding invitations usually involved the bride and her mother and, back then, the conversation on marriage equality was still in its infancy. When I was naming my business, “bespoke bridal paper” was exactly what I wanted.

We’ve grown so much since then and I want to recognize that a wedding is about so much more than just the bride. It’s also very much about the groom, the couple, the family, the whole event. It’s about same-sex couples having the same rights as everyone else to love and marry whomever they choose. I want to celebrate the creativity, the beauty and the unique joy of modern weddings.

With that growth and realization, à deux’s new tagline is now bespoke wedding paper.

a new domain name

When I was shopping for  website domain name 5 years ago, I was met with a difficulty known by many business owners. The greedy crook so-called internet entrepreneur who owns isn’t using it for anything and is looking for make a fortune off of someone willing to pay his outrageous $20,000+ asking price for it. That sucker won’t be me. It is truly unfortunate that people and companies can sit on domain names hoping to make a lot of cash off of someone who wants or needs to own it for business purposes. I went with because it was available and, as I said before, fit my business at the time.

With evolution I’ve decided to try something different and go with the new thing in domain naming: adeux.CO

Every website lives within a domain space such as .com, .net, .biz and others. Introduced to satisfy the need for short and memorable web addresses, .CO is a new domain extension that offers another option for branding an online presence. The new domain extension has actually been around since 2010 and is already in use by sites you know. Twitter uses and Google has to shorten links. The new Vine video-sharing app is using and Amazon snagged for itself and for Zappos.

For most people, the two letters – CO – are recognized as meaning company and/or corporation. CO means Colombia and it’s also the state abbreviation of Colorado, which (fun fact) is where à deux was founded.

Over the next few days, we’ll be making updates across the internet, updating or changing usernames to adeux or adeuxdotco. Find us at the following links with our new handle:

  • Facebook (the address of the Facebook page has changed but the page name is still the same. Unfortunately, FB makes it very difficult to change the name of a page. We’re working on it.)
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

In other news, a website update is coming too. Stay tuned.

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